Welcome to the cyberspace home of Scream & Sugar Soap Co. If you are anything like me, and since you are here, you most likely are... you crave the uncommon. You want nice things, but weird nice things. You want to feel clean and relaxed without sacrificing your personality. You want to pamper yourself with products that are in alignment with your tastes and ethics. And maybe some of you want all of this without feeling gross about single use packaging. That is one of the main reasons we are leaning towards bar soap and solid shampoos, right?
Let me tell you - natural soap is amazing!!! The lather is so creamy, bubbly, and luxurious! It has come such a long way and can be found nearly everywhere these days. The market is absolutely flooded with Farmer's Market soap hobbyists, boasting that their soap is so much better because of this ingredient or that, but in the rinse, they are all the same drying soap. The same boring scents, same boring color, same claims.... same. We are not here to bring you a boring commodity. We are here to bring you an entire experience. One you look forward to. One you deserve, that is catered to YOU.
Each and every product is hand crafted, cruelty free, free of greenwashing and ingredient fear mongering. Each ingredient I choose is guaranteed to be absolutely safe for you, the environment, and used correctly. I have the science to back it up! I choose naturally derived ingredients when I feel they are beneficially superior and only purchase from certified ethical farms that do not contribute to things like deforestation and unethical labor. Lab created ingredients can sometimes just be better for us and the planet. There is always a choice and I will always choose what is most healthy for us and our environment. I will always be one hundred percent transparent with ingredients of soap and beyond.
Not sure what something is or where it comes from? Just ask and I will most likely chat your ear off and tell you way more about it than you wanted to know. I am truly passionate about Cosmetic Chemistry and Cosmetology.
Scream & Sugar Soap Co. LLC is located in Lebanon, Connecticut, USA. I organically grow some of the ingredients used in my products. I believe in zero waste, recycling, green energy, global human rights, equality of all, acceptance of all, and abolishing single use plastics.