About Us

What We Offer

 At Scream & Sugar, we handcraft the finest quality soap, skincare, and Self care products in small batches to retain freshness. Utilizing an abundance of local ingredients(some we grow ourselves!), responsibly farmed natural oils, and a little bit of alchemy, we offer a unique and luxurious bathing experience. With Scream & Sugar it's no longer just a bath or a shower. It's an experience unique to you!

How We Roll

 Scream & Sugar uses the the age old technique of cold processing for our detergent free natural body and shaving soaps. Our process employs an aging progression with each and every soap we make, leaving them undisturbed to cure for five weeks or more. This allows a molecular change to happen within the soap to make an ultra bubbly and longer lasting bar. We procure our exotic salts, oils, and herbs from various cultures and groups of people, ranging from modern eco-responsible farmers to ancient herbalists. We’re also mindful of the impact products have on the environment. We are dedicated to only using sustainable resources in our products, use recyclable packaging and natural ingredients. Even our glitter is made from minerals and won't harm our oceans! Our fragrances are phthalate free and we never ever use Sodium laureth sulfate, a possible human carcinogen. Do no harm, witches!  

We Get It

 Scream & Sugar was created for people who care just as much about their external nourishment as much as their internal sustenance, want to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and want an experience that is still fun, fresh, unique, sparkly, gothic, or exciting. Self care and making quality time for ourselves in this busy society is of upmost importance for our well being and that can mean a lot of things to different people. We understand that some seek comfort in black waters, as well as fizzy bright citrus filled showers.

Scream & Sugar is a Female owned and operated company that provides exemplary products for the creative mind, body and soul. Our products are derived from premium ingredients, time tested recipes, and a little magic. It is our promise to always practice the importance of people over profits and creativity over a need to blend in and belong.